Independent Travel


Transitional support provides valuable tools and reassurance for a person with learning disabilities who may be moving from a residential setting into supported living, or from their family home or supported living into their own home




Our independent travel training service assists adults with learning disabilities to travel independently.

We support our service users to gain the confidence and skills they need to make their journeys safely and independently.

Independent travel training is about supporting the individual to safely make a journey between two places on their own. This journey could simply be walking around the corner or as tricky as using two buses combined with walking between the connections and walking to and from the stops.

A training programme tailored to the individual needs is provided covering road safety, personal safety and transport training, as required.


“Independent travel training  assists in overcoming challenges, removes barriers to independent travel and gives people greater access to jobs, services and social networks.  It empowers people to take greater control in their lives, enabling them to learn new skills and take advantage of opportunities in their communities.” (Norman Baker MP )

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